23: Greatest writer

There have always been great writers. Ever since people started to write, on stone tablets, on Papyrus scrolls, in the sand, on the cave walls, there have been those who are good at composing the words, the sentences, the hieroglyphs, the drunes. Those are the ones who’s work we know. The work we sometimes still try to understand. Most of those great writers are not known to us anymore, just their work. Their legacy.
Every 1000 years the greatest writer of the millenium is born. This writer knows how to touch souls with it’s words, how to move people with it’s sentences. Everyone will know this writer. Every writer wants to be this writer. Everybody will love it’s work.
I’m sure you will know when this writer is born! Untill then you’ll have to do with my blogs about my firsts. Enjoy!

Source picture: http://egypte-info-site.nl/hierogliefen.html


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