22: Bucket List

Ever since the movie ‘Bucket list’ in 2007 people are talking more and more about composing their own Bucket List. Everybody wants to do all kind of things before they die. I guess everybody has a Bucket List, just not everybody has written it down. Writing it down you promise yourself it will not end with wishing those things, you are aiming to do them within a reasonable time frame. It makes you feel more alive.
Last year this feeling was strenghtend with the statement YOLO, You Only Live Once. Thinking about this myself I came to the conclusion I want to list some things I want to do before it is too late. I’ve heard friends talking about what they have on their Bucket List, and I think it is good they are concious about these wishes. I also think that as you are working your way down the list, you should make sure you don’t complete it. Because if you have done everything on your Bucket List, then…. well it can all stop…. Having a Bucket List doesn’t mean you plan to die soon, it means you want to live now. So keep adding to your Bucket List! There’s always something more you would want and haven’t done before. It’s the ultimate list of My Firsts to do! Don’t be afraid to put your wishes on your list, big or small, because if you have second thoughts about some of your wishes, you can simply remove them from your list again. After all: It is your Bucket List.
As of now I will draw up my Bucket List and keep working on doing the things on the list and adding new things on it. And remeber: YOLO!
A few items on my list: Completing my Bachelor education, Seeing the movie Hobbit, Getting my Master degree, Bungee jumping, Parachute jumping and seeing New Zeeland.
What’s on your Bucket List?

Source picture: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0825232/


2 thoughts on “22: Bucket List

  1. I enjoyed the movie, years ago. I had a list of dreams and was ‘working’ on realizing them, one by one, patiently. Then I was very sick and when I was at the hospital and I had no clue yet if I would die or still be alive a few months later, I had to think that my life was perhaps over and that was it. My life was all I did in my past. I had no regrets, and I had done a lot of things. It does help at some point in life to realise that yes we had dreams, and yes some of these dreams came true. So I did my ‘past bucket list’ and it was a long one! I have not rebuilt a bucket list for the future, and I am not sure I will because I see life differently at present. But I am glad that I used to have a long one, and that many dreams happened. Good luck with your bucket list!!

    • To be honest, I didn’t see the movie. I just thought the picture fitted my blog nicely. Maybe I’ll see it some day. I am glad you managed to do a lot of things you planned. Thinking about you and your situation made me realize life can be unexpectedly. You never know when your time has come. I admire the way you handle your situation, I can only wish I’ll be that strong. That is the main reason I started thinking about having a Bucket List. To make sure I don’t have regrets about not doing the things I want. You inspired me, again! Don’t stop being this strong!

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