21: Easter eggs?

easter eggs
The X-mas holidays are past for a few weeks now. All decorations are gone, well almost. I still see some X-mas lights in some gardens. In the stores the X-mas presentations and X-mas products have been removed. Everything is back to normal again. This time of year is probably hard for store owners. There is not a new event to focus their presentations on or sell special products for. So what can you do in your store to attract your customers to come into your store rather than the stores of your competitors? How do you keep your assortment interesting?
One store owner found the solution. Don’t wait for the next event, just put the special products in now! In his opinion the next event is Easter, so why not start selling easter eggs in January. This was my first sighting of easter egss this early in the year. The snow is not gone, winter is at full throttle. The Easter bunny is still in hybernation, but the chocolat easter eggs can be bought. I do like easter eggs a lot, but i’m afraid if I start buying them now, at the end of february I’m fed up with them. I hope next year the easter eggs won’t be in the same presentation as the X-mas balls… For now I’ll have a few easter eggs, see you tomorrow!

Source picture: http://bonkersycarax.blogspot.nl/2010_03_28_archive.html


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