20: Snow’s choice

The views on snow are diverse. Some people hate it, it is cold, wet, slippery, inconvenient. It disrupts their daily routine. They have to think about every action they have to take outside. What to wear, what transportation to use, can it wait? I’m sorry for these people, and I hope for them the snow will be gone soon.
Other people love the snow, the playing children, the serinity, the freshness of the landscape, the feeling of a real winter, the start of a new year. I am one of those persons. I always try to avoid going into my backyard, so the snow won’t be crushed and stays fresh as long as possible. I love the view!
Now, I always thought snow was frozen water, nice kristal shaped flakes which forms when vapourised water freezes without becoming liquid first. And I always thought that water was no living being, not able to think or make choices. I am doubting that thought…
Today I watched the snow in my backyard and noticed the snow didn’t fall randomly like it is supposed to. The snow fell more on the joins between the tiles then on the tiles. My backyard looks like a Brussels Wafel. Is it possible the snow had a preference where it wanted to fall down? That the snow was able to think? That this was the snow’s choice? Wondering about this this gave me the feeling I was in a SciFi movie! No law of nature explaines this, but the picture says a thousand words! What do you think?

Source picture: Me!


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