19: Crossing, Shawl and Comb

You might think: what do a traffic situation, a garment and an item of personal care have to do with eachother? No, I’m not trying to empty the streets with a comb to give the school children room on the crossing. And I’m not busy making crosses with shawls. And carrying my comb in my shawl is also not what I mean. And I certainly don’t refer to the comb on a rooster’s head! But in this combination they do represent my first for today. I won’t keep you in the dark too long, they are names for moves. Moves you do with Rock ‘n Roll dancing. This evening was my first real lesson, and these were the moves I was taught today. The Crossing is a turn which starts with the crossing of arms of the guy. The Shawl is a turn were the the hand of the girl touches the guy like a shawl. The Comb is a turn with the hands over the head of the guy. In fact there was a fourth move we learned. This one is called In-Out. This one is a turn into each other’s arms (in) followed by a turn back to the basic position (out).
I had lots of fun learning and dancing with my substitute dans partner. With just these four moves, dancing is already nice to do. I’m looking forward to next week! For now some relaxing time. Untill tomorrow.

Source picture: http://www.backyardchickens.com/t/407294/the-heritage-rhode-island-red-site/480


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