18: TV reconfirmed

Some time ago I stopped watching TV in the evenings. This was driven by two reasons. The first reason was my study. This takes up a lot of my free time, so I don’t have the time to watch TV anymore. The second reason was because I realized I was watching a lot of rubbish on TV. Most programms are about topics I don’t care for. So I started wondering why I was watching them. The only time I watch TV now is in the morning for the morning news. And every now and then if there’s a good movie on.
Today I had some spare time and I saw some television programms for the first time. The first was ‘TV Kantine’. I heard a lot of people saying it is a good show to watch. Well, to be honest, there were some nice parts in it. But a good show? No, not realy.
The second programm was ‘Komt een man bij de dokter’, a boring set of short sketches, based on very old and laim jokes. I never understood there is money for these kind of programms. But I guess if people watch it, companies will pay to advertise next to it. Looking at what TV has to offer I can imagine a lot of people watch it. On the other networks the programms are no better.
After that I watched (a part of) a movie called ‘Sand Sharks’. I didn’t watch it in full. I lost interest. The story is stolen from the movie ‘Jaws’, only this time it is badly written and with sharks that live in the sand. I like a good SciFi movie, but with a little more realistic story and scenery.
My choice to stop watching TV was reconfirmed tonight. For now: bedtime and back to my study and writing my blog tomorrow!

Source picture: http://footage.shutterstock.com/clip-922729-stock-footage-bad-tv-noise.html


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