17: Introduction!

Snugger profiel1
It is 1985. I’m in school, fourth grade of HAVO. During German class I was bored. I started sketching something on paper, just a little picture. It turned out to be a simple snail. He was sitting in a tree with no leaves, watching the tree next to it, which does have leaves. Off course the snail is hungry and wants to get the leaves. The fastest way to get there is to jump, so the snail jumps. But snails don’t jump… He misses the other tree, falls down, and his house cracks. The only remark he makes is: “It’s just not my day…”. This was my first cartoon of ‘Snugger’ (Dutch for bright).
Through the years I’ve drawn hundreds of little cartoons of Snugger.
This is the first introduction of Snugger to you all. And this introduction comes with a promise. At the moment I am building a facebook funpage for Snugger. I’m planning to use this funpage to post cartoons of Snugger. But I have some work to be done first. The cartoons are in Dutch, I want to translate them. My promise is that I will connect you all to Sugger’s funpage once it is ready. Keep watching your friend requests!

Source picture: Me!


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