16: Coloured face

I’ve seen movies with people with different colours. I’m talking about bright colours like purple, green and yellow. These were SciFi movies off course. It was nice to watch because you knew it was fiction.
This morning I was attending a meeting when one of the other attendees, who was already not feeling very well at the start of the meeting, turned white on the spot. He had to relax and visit the toilets. After a while he felt a little better, so we proceeded with the meeting. But then his face turned yellow and later on it turned grey. This was a strange sight. And not pleasant for him. It turned out he had a stomach flu which just came on real fast. This was the first time I ever saw somebody’s face change colours a few times in such a short period in real life. Although it was interesting to see, I hope never to see it again. But I probably will… For now I’ll try to sleep in one colour!

Source picture: http://www.galleri-asp.dk/Malerier.html


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