15: Graduation project

Today I handed in my proposal for my graduation project. Finally! And I say this with some relief. This needs some explaining. After I did my HAVO, mid 80’s, I started an education at the HTS in The Hague. Due to personal issues I wasn’t able to finish this education. A few years later I tried it again, but again I couldn’t finish it. This failure pursued me through the years. It was always my wish to finish it someday. A few years ago I got the oppertunity to start an education through my employer. I was thinking about starting my HTS education again, but didn’t think this education could teach me anything that would help me in my job now. So I chose another education on the same level. A management education called: ‘Technische Bedrijfskunde’. For this education I will be doing my graduation project. So my proposal for my graduation project is my first in about 25 years. Finally! I guess I will be busy for the next 6 months, but I won’t stop this daily blog. See you tomorrow!

Source picture: http://www.rotterdamstudents.nl/hro.php


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