14: Winter has struck

My first of today is actualy not just my first but everyones first. I know a lot of people don’t like it and the traffic tomorrow morning will be disturbed by it, but I like the snow! It gives our landscape a peacefull ambiance. The view from my livingroom window looks like a postcard from the 50’s. There’s almost no sounds outside and everything looks fresh and new. I always hope the snow stays untouched for as long as possible and try to avoid being in my garden, so the snow stays like it fell. As a kid playing in the snow was my favourit and as a father that time came back again with my son. He enjoyed the sled I made for him from old pieces of wood. So to everyone I say: Enjoy the snow, watching it or playing in it with your friends our children. Good luck with public transport tomorrow morningĀ or be carefull on the road!

Source picture: http://www.glogster.com/forbiddenraze/home-/g-6l423s1hcp3bsva1pteuea0


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