13: Fruit pancakes

I’ve always loved pancakes. Small, large, extra large, thick, thin, I don’t care. I’ll eat them. I love baking them too. Have you ever tried to flip a pancake by throwing it? It is fun when it falls back in the pan on its other side. It is even more fun if it doesn’t. When it falls on the same side again, or sideways and wrinkles, or next to the pan on the floor or the stove. But that’s probably more fun for the viewer then the baker… I’ve mastered throwing of pancakes a bit, about 50% of my pancakes fall like they should. There still some learning left for me… It is still a lot of fun to do!
Today I ate two pancakes Ruth had baked. One was baked with kiwi and orange, the other one with lemon and something I have forgotten.
I have eaten pancakes with all kinds of fruits on them, apple, banana, mango, peach, pine-apple. But I always put the fruit on after baking the pancake, just before eating them. This was the first time I ate pancakes with fruit baked in them. And I loved it! Maybe Ruth can tell me how she managed to get the fruits into the pancakes so I can do it myself next time. I can experiment with different fruits to find new mixtures. To bad I haven’t got the time to bake as much as I would love to. For now I’ll enjoy my full belly! Good night

source picture: http://restaurant.adaptsite.nl/hotel_de_horstlinde/menukaart/desserts


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