12: Slantways

I have put wallpaper on a few times before. Almost always with good result. One time I was finished and I saw the wallpaper wrinkle as looked at it. I had no hope it would be OK. Disappointed I went to sleep, preparing myself for ripping it of in the morning and putting on new wallpaper. Next morning I didn’t want to go out of bed, I didn’t want to rip the walpaper. Finaly I went downstairs and was amazed by what I saw. The wallpaper was super smooth all over the room! Not one wrinkle! This was a nice surprise. Everytime I put up wallpaper I always put up the paper verticaly, like everone else would. Today however I had a new challenge. There was a slanting funnel in the room, almost 45 degrees. So to get the wallpaper on nicely I chose to put in slantways too. This was a first for me and a nice challenge. But it worked! It’s on now and looking fine. I am glad it is done though, time for bed now. Tomorrow I will be slantways on the street furniture of Moordrecht again. Good night!

Source picture: http://www.animaatjes.nl/beroepen-plaatjes/behangen/


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