10: Winter grass

It is always nice to see the first time grass is being cut again. This is the prefix of easier weather, warmer temperatures, singing birds, happy faces on the streets. It’s a nice time! What time would you expect this? March? April? You guessed it, I saw it today! On a local soccer field they were cutting the grass, I haven’t been drinking or haven’t forgotten my medication. I didn’t believe it myself either. But thinking about it, I realized the weather is not like it should be this time of winter. It is far to warm, so I guess the grass is confused and started growing. I do feel sorry for the grass, because next week freezing temperatures are coming. The lawn mowers can be stored again until next spring. But you wil never know, maybe we will be ice skating on the creeks and rivers next April. The weather is changing… See you!

Source picture: http://www.weethet.nl/images/private/


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