9: Talking gas pump?

I always retreat in my thoughts when I am filling up my car at the gas pump. These are a few precious minutes I have for myself, waiting for my tank to get filled up. I use this time to think about something that just happens to be on my mind. Today it was time to fill up my car too, so I stopped at the gas pump. I park my car, stop the engine and get out for my few minutes to myself. But when I took the nuzzle from the pump, to put in my tank, the gas pump started talking to me! It told me which fuel I was taking. I was shocked and in no way able to get to my thoughts. Why would a gas company think I want a gas pump to talk to me? I had to restrain myself from talking back. I estimated the gas pump isn’t intelligent enough to reply to me. So it took me those precious minutes to get over the first shock and I put the nuzzle back on the pump. And what happend? The pump talk again, telling which pump I used. As if I can’t read the number on the pump! There must be a good set of reasons for a gas company to decide to make their gas pumps able to talk, but I can’t think of any. A talking gas pump, ain’t that a first! You understand I still am processing this new idea… I probably need until tomorrow. See you then!

Source picture: http://www.featurepics.com/online/Cartoon-Gas-Station-1451047.aspx


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