7: New challenge

Today’s first is actually about last night. I was invited to an open night for a Rock ‘n Roll dance course. I didn’t know what to expect, but I went anyway. I was curious about it. I have done a Rock ‘n Roll dance course a long time ago. My dance partner was my sister. I had some great times back then and I still have fond memories of those days. I realy liked the Rock ‘n Roll music from the 50’s en 60’s. Yesterday was a fun evening, but I saw another kind of Rock ‘n Roll dance then I had learned. So that made me even more curious to learn it. Luckily all new comers did get a short lesson with the first basic steps. And I loved it! I got the first steps under control quite quick. After that I was struggling with the question to join in the course or not. It was not the fun and eagerness that kept me from signing up instantly. It was the planning. I’m still following night school, which demands a lot of time from me in the weekends also. This education is very important to me, so whatever I would decide, it can’t be at the expence of my school. On the other hand I would love to learn this Rock ‘n Roll dancing, and a dear friend of me, who invited me to this open night, offered to be my dance partner. After some contemplation I’ve made my decision. I’m going for this new challenge! I feel great having made this choice. I am looking forward to the sunday evenings dancing and I hope I’ll be as smooth at it some day as the dancers I saw last night. But most of all I trust I’ll have a lot of fun.
Maybe I can show you what I’ve learned soon! Until rockin’ next time.

Source picture: http://a4.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/119/55e55a3192024f0b87b32355800ed92a/l.jpg


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