3: Little happy scene

A ‘First’ can be something I experience for the first time. It can also be something that has happened a few times, but I haven’t noticed it before, or started wondering about it before. Today I heard the news on the radio that Sylvie and Rafaël van der Vaart broke up. Too bad for them and for their son. Understandably this news is shared on the ‘Show news’ programms for those who are interested. What amazed me was this ‘news’ was a prominent item on the regular news. Between the economic crisis, the death of a 16 year old girl and the oil platform at drift, there was this item on the break-up of Sylvie and Rafaël!
To be honest it is my own fault. I was watching the news on a commercial network. I was hoping the news was about things I should know to understand the world around me, not what sells best. Maybe I sould watch the news on the public network, but as I learned this ‘news’ was on there too!
In fact the news about the death of the 16 year old girl got to me more. Earlier today I saw a mother in the park, smiling and watching her little son running to the playground. This little happy scene made me realize children can be a bundle of joy, even in the little things. I will never understand parents hurting their children, for any reason. And I get sad and mad when these children lose their life over it. So I am glad to see the little happy scenes like in the park today. That really made my day!

Source picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos


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