2: Sleeping late

Sleeping late is not something I do. I am a morning-person. I like the quietness of dawn, the whistling of birds, the smell of fresh coffee, the tranquility of the world waking up. It gives me new energy to do usefull things. The sooner I start in the morning, the sooner I get things done and have that gratitude feeling of accomplishment.
Today, however, was different. Today I woke up at 9am, chatted some on fb and whatsup, rolled over and fell asleep again. Only to wake up at noon. This was a first for me.
I guess due to NYE and the bootcamp I told you about in my last post, my body needed some more downtime to recooperate. I must say I missed the morning quietness and I don’t think much will get done today. But I do feel much better than I did at 9am this morning. Maybe I should just let this day be, give my body and sore muscles some more repair time and start again tomorrow. Early!
Have a nice day too!


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