1: Getting physical

Today ‘my first’ was a complete free-style bootcamp. I’ve done fitness, jogging and cycling in the past, but that was a long time ago and not as complete as this bootcamp. I am in a rowing team now, but that is only focussed on rowing technics. We did a complete workout with all kinds of exercises using almost all muscle groups. I only missed working out my nose wings 😮 We made a nice tour through Moordrecht using almost all street furniture for different exercises. It was nice to see people going to visit family or friends for New Year greetings, looking at us. You could see them thinking either: ‘crazy people’, or: ‘I should be doing that’. I noticed my strength is still OK, but my endurance needs a lot of work. Espacially my legs are very strong. I guess that’s the result of my jogging and cycling and of my rowing. My instructor was having more problems with the leg exercises than me. Although at the end of the workout both my legs cramped and she had to help me strech out. When I was working out I realized how much more it does to me besides getting in shape. Of course I was getting tired and short of breath more and more. But in my mind I was getting more focussed, and feeling more free and happy. So at the end of the workout I was enjoying it even more and having more fun. The workout did more for my mental well-being than I expected! Thank you, Ruth, for helping me getting in shape and for showing me a good time.


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