29: International passed

Today I ended my project International Business for my Bachelor education. This was a course of choice in which we had to give advice on setting up a hub in three international ports. We did the report with a team of six students.
The final step was to defend our report to the facilitators. These were our lecturor and his co-worker, at his employees office. This was the first time for me to end a project at the office of a company. It is a large shipping company for chemical liquids. They sail to international ports all over the world. Their office is a dignified building in the heart of Rotterdam. While we were discussing the report and our experiences they treated us to a nice dinner. The final verdict on our report? We got a 7, so we passsed! I’m ready for the next project.

Source Picture: http://www.portcities.org.uk/london/server/show/conMediaFile.4190/The-chemical-tanker-Stolt-Emerald-(1986).html


28: IKEA left over

Building a closet from IKEA is a challenge for some, and a walk in the park for others. The key is to follow the building plans and do exactly what’s on the drawings in those plans. Usually everything is there, and not a lot will be left over when you’re finished. I have very good experiences with IKEA closets and other furniture. This time I made a nice closet. And when I was finished the closet was as it should. But when I looked at what was left over, I was shocked. I had a few dozen items left. All nails, screws and other small metall items. This was the first time for me I was left with a lot of items. I checked the closet and the drawings again, but everything fitted. I guess IKEA was generous this time. Nice!

Source picture: http://www.moreforbrands.nl/2012/11/05/de-klant-is-koning/

27: First One

Last week I listened to Veronica Radio. They were broadcasting the TOP 880 of the 80’s. This is my favourit period in regard of a lot of things, but mostly in regard to music. I was a teenager in those days, so I have a lot of fond memories. When the week was progressing towards the number one of the 80’s, I learned it was a song from the Irish band U2. This made me think there’s a lot of firsts, or ‘One’s, in that. First of all they are number one, the firsts in the lists. There song is called ‘One’, which actually is not the first, I know at least one other band with a song called ‘One’, Metellica. The name of the band has only one letter, U, and one number, 2, in it. There is not one woman in the band. And the first time I heard the song was when it was number one in the charts. I was amazed by this thought and wanted to write it down immediately. I made a note of it so I wouldn’t forget. Saturday number one was up, and to my surprise it was U2, but with their song ‘With Or Without You’. Nice song, but it made this blog irrelevant… See you tomorrow, hopefully with some more relevance.

Source picture: http://www.musicroom.com/se/id_no/0450823/details.html

26: Global contradiction

It has been a big issue for a couple of decades now. A lot of research is done to make inventory of all causes and consequences. Scientists did put a lot of time in convincing the world of their findings. What went wrong? What could we have done better? What can we do now to stop it? Can we oversee the consequences? I am talking about Global Warming. The environmental topic of the last 20 years. Everybody is talking about how the earth is warming up, climats are shifting, species are becoming extinct or moving to colder parts of the world.
But as I look at the winters here in the Netherlands I realized for the first time it doesn’t fit!
I see the opposite happening. A contradiction between my findings and that of the scientists. The freezing periods are getting longer and colder. Snow falls more often and stays longer. The last two weeks we had snow continuously. This hasn’t happened a lot in the last 10 years. It looks like the winters are getting colder. So if the earth is warming up, and the winters are getting colder, the summers must be getting warmer. Or the scientists live in another world than we do.
Can someone please tell me: Is it getting warmer or we are just getting colder….

Source picture: http://www.examiner.com/article/meteorologists-continue-to-challenge-global-warming-theory

25: Clean Sport

We’ve all seen it somewhere on the news, heard it on the radio or read the posts on the numerous websites: Lance Armstrong admitted to using all kinds of doping during his cycling career. The use of doping is most visible in the cycling sport. Not because of physical characteristics, but because of the media attention. The cycling sport has suffered a lot from both, the abuse of doping and the exposure in the media.
But something good comes from it also. The focus now is on clean sport, accomplishing without the aid of chemicals and other non-natural substances.
And the focus is not just in the cycling sport. Other sports are drawing attention to the problem also.
For the first time I was asked to sign a Clean Sport Contract by the rowing team leader. Without this contract I’m not allowed to participate in the upcoming races. There is no evidence of big abuse of doping in the rowing sport, but the signal is more important. The signal says: this sport is clean, and all participants sign for it. This gives me a good feeling. I’d rather lose fairly than win by cheating and the risk of phisical harm to myself.
So I applaud this initiative from the National Rowing Association (KNRB)! Now back to training, we are defending our national title….

Source picture: https://twitter.com/CompeteClean

24: Wireless anaesthesia

Today I actually had two firsts. I visited a friend in the hospital. She just had an operation in her stomach area. She is allergic to painkillers, so the docters had to find a way to help her ease the pain after the operation. The solution was to keep the epidural on for the next 72 hours after the operation. This was my first first of today. I never thought an epidural could be used for that. Modern health care has come a long way!
The second first was even more strange (to me). The continuous anaesthesia kept just a part of her body sedated, from her diaphragm down to her knees. The strange part was that she did feel her feet! So the nerves in her feet managed to get signals to her brain through the sedated area. I checked, there was no wireless connection, no antennas, no smoking signals, so sound waves between her feet and her head. The human body is a wonder with unexpected solutions. Solutions I’ll never understand. I’ll go wondering about it some more. See you!

Source picture: http://www.foothill.edu/news/wireless.php

23: Greatest writer

There have always been great writers. Ever since people started to write, on stone tablets, on Papyrus scrolls, in the sand, on the cave walls, there have been those who are good at composing the words, the sentences, the hieroglyphs, the drunes. Those are the ones who’s work we know. The work we sometimes still try to understand. Most of those great writers are not known to us anymore, just their work. Their legacy.
Every 1000 years the greatest writer of the millenium is born. This writer knows how to touch souls with it’s words, how to move people with it’s sentences. Everyone will know this writer. Every writer wants to be this writer. Everybody will love it’s work.
I’m sure you will know when this writer is born! Untill then you’ll have to do with my blogs about my firsts. Enjoy!

Source picture: http://egypte-info-site.nl/hierogliefen.html