My first first

156px-1st_ID_ACU_Full_Color_Shoulder_Sleeve_InsigniaDear reader,
Thank you for checking my blog. This is the first blog about ‘My First’. Actually it is an anouncement to the start of my daily blog, which will start at januari 1th of 2013.
A while ago I noticed I experience something for the first time every day, and I was amazed about the things I haven’t lived or witnessed before. There are so many things to learn, and so many good things to make me grow further. I am by nature a positive thinking person. I see good things in every experience, even the bad ones.
In this blog I will share those moments with you. First of all for your pleasure, but second for my own gain. Writing these ‘firsts’ makes me realize them even better and makes me appreciate them more. And by doing so I create a better growing experience for myself.
Last but not least; writing a daily blog helps me improve my writing skills. I am a native dutch speaking person trying to improve my english writing.
I love to write, but I also know I am not a very gifted writer. So writing these blogs will not only make me grow as a person, but as a writer too!
Again thank you for checking my blog and I do hope you will read some more of my posts. Maybe I’ll inspire you to comment on my posts or even write your own ‘firsts’.
Either way; I’ll be enjoying writing them.
Have fun and let me know what you think of My First!

Frans 24-12-2012
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2 thoughts on “My first first

  1. It’s a great idea!!! Looking forward to reading you Frans! I have just decided to leave behind my blog expatscience (I will leave it open but will not write on it anymore) and I will now focus on my other blog, my cancer story – that’s my committment 2013. It’s inspiring to see that you will committ to write daily! It sounds like mindfulness combined with gratitude – two attitudes leading to increased wellbeing according to the positive psychology theories.. ahah I just can’t stop analysing. May be you will teach me how to experience “first” instead of seeing the world through theories :-))))

    • I’m not sure how it will turn out to be. There’s no way of knowing what ‘firsts’ I will encounter. That’s the beauty of it. There’s nothing wrong with analyzing, just don’t stop seeing the beauty of the unexpected! 🙂

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