As 2012 comes to an end, I’m looking back at all the things I’ve experienced and the things that changed me.
2012 was a turbulent year for me. Ripping my meniscus and getting operated on that, ending my 3 year relationsship, dating all new and wonderfull ladies, continuing my study, meeting some new very good friends, some very good male bonding time with my son and meeting a very special lady.
In May I was on vacation in Drenthe, visiting the Hunnebedden, when I was cleaning a little in the kitchen of our apartment. While sweeping the floor I turn to reach a corner. At that point I felt a sudden pain in my right knee. Later this turned out to be the ripping of my meniscus. I was operated on that on the first of June. This should be an easy operation with a one week recovery period. It turned out te be a recovery of 3 months, due to errors during the operation and the effect of the anaesthesia on my system. To make this long story short, my first full day at work was after my summer holiday in August.
After my operation I decided to end my relationship of 3 years. I was struggling with that for a while and told my girlfriend I wanted to stop. This was hard on her and I am still sorry for that, but I had to do it. To my surprise my stephdaugther still stays in contact with me and considers me her ‘father’. I guess I did something right there!
The decision to end my relationship started a few other changes in my life. First of all I started dating again, trying to meet that special one lady. I did meet some very lovely ladies, but didn’t find ‘the one’. What I did find were some new friends. Some of them are still connected on facebook and one of them I am still in closer contact with.
This year was my second year of my study Technische Bedrijfskunde at the Rotterdam University. I’m still on track, but I have been facing a minor setback in my motivation. I call it my half-time-dip. I overcame it and I’m getting back on track again. Next year I’ll start my graduation project.
During my studies I met a lot of other students. Some of them have become good friends. One in particular I consider a very good friend, she has influenced my life in a positive way.
To be honest, the one date that is still a good friend and this lady from school are my two inspirations to get back to the passions of mine which I had lost for a long time: Writing and drawing. I consider them my muses. They inspire me to do the things I like so much and still stay focussed on the things I have committed myself to. Doing this has made my life so much more valuable. Thank you, Ruth and Catherine, for that!
I also met some new friends through facebook. They are friends of friends who I connected with. One of them I have met IRL too, with her husband and two lovely kids. They are new friends now. I’ll even celebrate New Years Eve with them.
Thank you, Wendy, Marc and kids, for being my new friends!
This summer I went on vacation with just my son, for the first time ever. This gave us the oppertunity to bond even more. We had a great time doing male things and talking a lot. I didn’t know I could, but I love you even more, Peter!
At the end of this year I met a lady, not through dating, but by doing some repairs at her home. She is a friend of a friend. After being at her place a few times, doing the repaires, we started to like eachother more and more. I guess we are at the start of a relationship now. A very nice way to start the new year.
So 2012 had some setbacks and downfalls, but was overall a great year for me! To everyone I’ve gotten to know this year: I’m glad to have you as a friend and hope we will continu to be friends next year!
My plans for next year: Starting a daily blog, ‘My First’, and continuing my study, relationship and friendships. Let’s see what 2013 brings!
Happy New Year to all of you!


My first first

156px-1st_ID_ACU_Full_Color_Shoulder_Sleeve_InsigniaDear reader,
Thank you for checking my blog. This is the first blog about ‘My First’. Actually it is an anouncement to the start of my daily blog, which will start at januari 1th of 2013.
A while ago I noticed I experience something for the first time every day, and I was amazed about the things I haven’t lived or witnessed before. There are so many things to learn, and so many good things to make me grow further. I am by nature a positive thinking person. I see good things in every experience, even the bad ones.
In this blog I will share those moments with you. First of all for your pleasure, but second for my own gain. Writing these ‘firsts’ makes me realize them even better and makes me appreciate them more. And by doing so I create a better growing experience for myself.
Last but not least; writing a daily blog helps me improve my writing skills. I am a native dutch speaking person trying to improve my english writing.
I love to write, but I also know I am not a very gifted writer. So writing these blogs will not only make me grow as a person, but as a writer too!
Again thank you for checking my blog and I do hope you will read some more of my posts. Maybe I’ll inspire you to comment on my posts or even write your own ‘firsts’.
Either way; I’ll be enjoying writing them.
Have fun and let me know what you think of My First!

Frans 24-12-2012
Source picture: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5d/1st_ID_ACU_Full_Color_Shoulder_Sleeve_Insignia.png/156px-1st_ID_ACU_Full_Color_Shoulder_Sleeve_Insignia.png